Tropical Yard

Tropical Paradise

Pennsylvania bluestone patio

Basalt wall divides the yard

Rosa Rugosa climbs the arch

A few "Before" pics

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Vancouver Landscape Design

This Landscape Project in Vancouver, BC was designed for a client who wanted rustic looking basalt walls reminiscent of her family's village in Cornwall, England.  The landscape design also endeavored to incorporate elements of tropical gardens in the Dominican Republic where she often traveled.   The Patios are Pennsylvania Bluestone, the stone walls are basalt, and the walkway is made from limestone cobble.  We used low voltage landscape lighting by Hadco for uplighting the plants and illuminating the walkway and stairs at night.  The landscape design also called for a pondless water feature.  We used basalt wall remnants for the basin, and a  basalt pillar for the fountain.  It is now a favourite water source for humming birds, squirrels, and other creatures when water is scarce in summer or frozen in winter. Another interesting component of this Dunbar area landscaping project is the wonderful Barbeque Hut.  It features a green roof covered in wildflowers that can be viewed from the kitchen and upper balcony.  The rough timber framing and coarse stone counter top set atop a stone filled gabion basket make this make this structure the centerpiece of the flagstone patio.